A coffee shop decorated for Tet in Tan Phu district

A coffee shop decorated for Tet in Tan Phu district

A super beautiful Tet-decorated coffee shop that also has available ao dai for the Tan Phu team, should not be missed.

One of the coffee shops that decorates for Tet early, with investment and meticulousness in each concept. With a spacious 4-storey space with a cool view inside, you won’t be afraid of the heat and it’s very comfortable to take pictures. This Tet decoration, I find quite impressive with 4 beautiful corners such as: lotus garden, incense village, traditional Tet, or Dong Ho painting. Especially, there is a vibrant incense village area on the top floor open until 16:30. Plenty for sisters to dress up, take pictures to their heart’s content. The point I quite like is that the shop lends basic ao dai models when ordering a spring water cake combo and also has available types of bodices, costumes to accessories such as hair clips, turbans, glasses or sandals, and it’s very affordable. Plenty to dress up for check-in without fear of lack of clothes. The menu is diverse with drinks and pastries starting from only 29k. The decoration is beautiful and the drinks are quite satisfactory. Come over and make a Tet photo set.

7:00 – 22:00
149 Độc Lập, Tân Phú, TpHCM
quận tân phú

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