A coffee shop filled with fresh flowers right in District 7 – Ú Coffee


The beloved coffee shop has now changed its look to welcome Tet with the vibrant colors of fresh flowers and Tet-themed decorations. Every corner is meticulously cared for. From the entrance filled with flowers, you’ll be charmed right away. Inside, there are many photogenic corners that cater to all concepts for the ladies, from modern chic to vintage, ensuring there’s no shortage of beautiful photos to take home. The menu of the shop is very diverse, including coffee, fruit tea, snacks, and even a rice shop in front… The decor of the dishes looks very appealing and the taste is also satisfactory. The staff is cute and enthusiastic. Let’s come over and take a set of photos to welcome Tet.

7:00 – 22:00
Ú Cà Phê
15 Đường 49.Phường Bình Thuận – Quận 7 TpHCM
Quận 7

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