Tet decorated cafe in Tan Phu district – Our Tea Shop 10 Years Later


Check in to the cottage with many of the hottest traditional Tet spaces right now in Tan Phu

With Vietnamese Tet decoration style and extremely meticulous and meticulous decoration. All create a gentle and cozy traditional Tet atmosphere. Outstanding with thatched cottages hung with ears of corn and a pot of banh chung, bringing the traditional flavors of the homeland. Make sure this photography angle should not be missed.
There are also many outstanding corners such as peach blossoms, yellow apricot blossoms, sewing tables, etc. Decorated meticulously and beautifully
The menu is diverse and includes pastries. Decorate delicious dishes and drink deliciously too
The staff are very cute and enthusiastic
What are you waiting for? Come here and do a photo shoot to welcome Tet.

Tiệm Trà Chúng Ta 10 Năm Sau
75 Gò Dầu, Q.Tân Phú, Tp HCM
Quận tân phú

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